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Freedom for Streamers and Professional Gamers

Triton [XTRI] is developing an eSports streaming platform that is optimized for gamers, streamers, esports players, and tournament organizers. With our platform, StreamShard, users will be able to build their audience faster, get a large focused following, increase their income, build teams, and organize tournaments


The Triton team has taken their ideas from Neptune and Proteus, our two previous donation platforms, and turned them into an all-in-one streaming platform that will compete with companies like Twitch and Mixer.


The Triton team is also developing a mint and burn stablecoin, the Sao Dollar.



The SAO Dollar

The Sao Stablecoin

SAO is a decentralized stablecoin based on mint and burn protocol called the Sao Dollar (SAO), which is minted from our established volatile coin Triton (XTRI).


  • eSports Streams
  • VOD Reviews
  • Tournaments
  • Teams

Our Mission

Triton’s mission is to help millions of gamers grow massively throughout the gaming industry and reach their goals by giving them the vehicle they need to succeed.

Decentralized Stablecoin

The Sao Dollar is a stablecoin mint and burn protocol called the Sao Dollar (SAO), which is minted from our established volatile coin Triton (XTRI). This protocol allows the Sao Dollar to become completely decentralized

Open Source Cryptocurrency

This protocol is open source and will have multiple contributors. We will be using the premined XTRI to create bounties and contribution rewards.

Service Nodes Crypto

Project Triton will be incorporating services nodes in order to help create security for the consensus price. The staking amount will begin at 40,000 XTRI and decrease over time to 15,000 XTRI over 10 years.

How do stablecoins work?

By minting and burning, 1 SAO = $1 USD of XTRI based on a consensus moving average price established via service node oracles. At the time of this writing, the price of 1 Triton is $0.00598. To get the amount of SAO you will get we can use the equation x SAO = y XTRI / (1 / consensus price). So if a user burned 1000 XTRI, it would give 5.98 SAO. Let’s say the price drops 50% you burn 5.98 which in return would give you 2000 XTRI. As 1 dollar worth of Triton is now doubled.

What are service node oracles?

Triton will be incorporating services nodes in order to help create security for the consensus price. To create a service node, a user would commit to stake Triton for a set period of time. During this time, the user would be required to run an oracle validating service node and would not be able to burn their Triton for SAO. In exchange for this, service nodes would receive a reward from mint and burn fees and earn voting rights in certain protocol decisions. The starting staking amount will be 40,000 XTRI and decrease over time to 15,000 XTRI over 10 years.

In this mint and burn proposal, prices are monitored and each block price consists of every trade between the last block and the block being found. Prices are stored in oracle blocks which are linked to regular blocks by an oracle hash. This price is not directly used for the mint and burn price. Instead, this value will be used as part of a 480 block moving average to determine the mint and burn exchange rate. We hope this lengthy 480 block average will make an attack on manipulating the exchange rate prohibitively expensive.

Cut Twitch Donation Fees

eSports Streams

StreamShard has a strong focus on eSports, this means non-gaming related streams will not be allowed on the platform. 

Cut Twitch Donation Fees


Tournament organizers are able to create, advertise, and stream their tournaments through the StreamShard website.

VOD Reviews

ESports teams will be able to invite their team to a private stream, where they can have VOD reviews with their coaches. Public or private is an option, as well a drawing, text timestamps, voice recording, and many other features!


Players and content creators will be able to join teams. On the team page, you can see a teams schedule, tournament history, who’s online, their social media links, and a description of their team.

Neptune is a tool within StreamShard that will allow you to have ad-free viewing, tip with cryptocurrency, and support your favorite streamers for free.


Proteus is our eSports tournament platform that we have integrated into StreamShard. Viewers of a tournament will be able to mine and donate to tournament prize pools, teams, and participants. Mining will increase the prize pool via Triton cryptocurrency.

ESports Community

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Harrison Hesslink


Thomas D. Parker

Business Development



Q4 2018


Q1 2019


Q2 2019


Q3 2019

  • Rebase 10/6/18
  • NWConference 10/16/18
  • Neptune Beta 10/30/18
  • 1% usage with CGN partnership 12/30/18
  • Whitepaper 1.1
  • Begin research and development of Gravity Protocol
  • Project Triton Office Space
  • Neptune Stage 4
  • Neptune Extension Firefox
  • Neptune MIXER and Youtube
  • Neptune Twitch Tip Bot
  • SAO research and development
  • Bring on more team members
  • Neptune Full Release
  • Testnet SAO v1
  • Proteus Beta
  • Continue development of Gravity Protocol


Triton Team: [email protected]

Harrison (Krakn): [email protected]

Thomas D. Parker: [email protected]