Triton aims to release the first completely private ‘mint and burn’ stablecoin. Users will be able to burn our volatile coin Triton (XTRI), a fork of Monero, to mint a market equivalent amount of the Sao Dollar (SAO) – one SAO = $1 US. In turn, each SAO can be burned to mint $1 of XTRI.


This protocol is open source, has involved multiple contributors in the past, and we welcome additional contributors both now and in the future. We do not expect pulling off mint and burn to be easy, and want as many people testing the protocol as possible.


Triton is developing an oracle feature we call ‘services nodes’ to query trading data and help create security for the consensus ‘mint and burn’ market price. The staking amount is currently at 40,000 XTRI and will decrease to 15,000 XTRI over 10 years.



Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile. And while centralized stablecoins like Tether can provide value stability, they require trust of a third party to honor redemption. In contrast to Tether, Triton (XTRI) is an attempt to build the first private and decentralized stablecoin: the Sao Dollar (SAO).

In brief, you will always be able to destroy a market equivalent $1 US dollar value of XTRI to mint a single SAO and vice versa. Triton will rely on decentralized ‘service nodes’ – a multifunctional price-monitoring oracle of our own design for determining the mint and burn exchange rate. In this way, the ability to ‘mint and burn’ both coins according to market data allows our volatile chain XTRI to peg the value of SAO to $1.


  • Framework for Oracle Nodes
  • Issuers of SAO/XTRI
  • 40,000 XTRI Stake


  • Human Secondary Layer
  • Karma Reputation System
  • Price Accuracy
  • 3,000 XTRI Stake


  • Multi-Layered Price Aggregation Model
  • Spot Price Manipulation Mitigation
  • Spot-Convergence-Weighted Average Liquidity


Triton began as an ESports project. But throughout 2018, Triton’s team found itself involved in many of the ‘mint and burn’ stablecoin discussions surrounding other proposed protocols – none of which have yet been implemented. We felt that these other projects did not pay enough attention to attack vectors that could manipulate the mint and burn exchange rate.

This, combined with the urgency and importance of the ‘stablecoin problem,’ led us to change Triton into a stablecoin development project. Our implementation will be unique in using ‘service nodes’ to decentralize the price oracle, a long moving average for the exchange rate, and only implementing SAO for one fiat currency. For more details, please read our simplified whitepaper and full technical paper – and for the most up-to-date info, be sure to join our Discord!






Harrison Hesslink

Founder and Lead Developer

Harrison ‘krakn’ Hesslink does core coding for Triton and is currently an undergraduate studying Computer Science and Mathematics. He hopes to continue through to a PhD in Applied Cryptography.

Thomas D. Parker

Business Development and Marketing

Thomas D. Parker aids the growth + adoption of Triton via his business development and digital marketing expertise. By learning from experience, mentors, and rigorous studying, Thomas believes his adoption strategy for the Sao Dollar will give millions around the world an opportunity to use a private and decentralized stable currency in their everyday lives.

Adam Hamilton-Sutherland


Adam “Hamlandall” Hamilton-Sutherland, an undergraduate computer science major with hopes to become a full-time software developer. He currently is focused on developing Triton applications with his experience in front-end development and graphic design.

Tyler Hulett, PhD


Dr. Hulett is the director of immuno-oncology biomarker discovery at a biotech startup. He brings his data science expertise to SAO development and helps with graphic design and copywriting.


Q1 - Q4 2018


Q1 2019


Q2 2019


Q3 2019

Triton was an esports project in 2018 and has since become a mint and burn stablecoin project. 

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• Sao Oracle Node Development √ (25% complete)
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• CN-R Light Algorithm Testnet

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• SAO Oracle Nodes Release  

• White Paper V4.0

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Triton Team: [email protected]

Development and Team – Harrison (Krakn): [email protected]

Business Inquiries – Thomas D. Parker: [email protected]