2019 has begun! – Triton Tuesday 1/1/2019

Wow. Just. Wow.

This year went by incredibly fast, and it’s been quite the journey. It feels like just yesterday we had begun the launch of Project Triton, and here we are almost a year later. We have seen some extreme highs and some very low lows. It’s been a hard first year, but nothing is stopping us. No matter what obstacle hits us, we will move past it, in better shape than ever before. We have so much in store for you all this upcoming year, things you would never expect.

Expect the unexpected.

Heres what happened this week:

  • Phase 1 of Neptune Beta complete
  • Phase 2 of Neptune Started
  • Neso Esports Updates

Phase 1 of Neptune Beta has been a success!

On November 25th of 2018, we launched Neptune. Neptune is a streamer donation platform that allows streamers to save money, protect their money from chargebacks, and even add a new source of income. Our platform is entirely free and doesn’t require any additional work aside from registering on our website.

We set some goals back in November. This includes the following:

  • 15 Beta Signups
  • 50 donations
  • All features fully functioning

Here is what we accomplished:

  • 36 Beta Signups
  • 95 Donations
  • All features are fully functioning, plus we added multiple UI improvements
Neptune 2.0

Phase 2 of Neptune Beta Begins!

With the release of phase 2, you should expect some significant improvements! Here is what goals we have set:

  • 100 Beta Signups
  • 250 Donations
  • Major UI Improvements
  • Major Usability Improvements
  • Full blown FAQ
  • Video Tutorial Series

We are expecting massive growth for phase 2, and with this, we are planning to form some new partnerships and to attend multiple gaming and blockchain conferences in 2019.

Neso Esports Update

As many of you know, we have decided to create a sister company called Neso Esports. This is our very own Gaming Organization. We are going to be forming multiple teams for various esports to compete at large events! We will also have content creator teams that will be pushing out great content for our fans all around the globe.

Neso Esports is going to be fully sponsored by Triton. We plan on having all of our team members represent Triton, and become ambassadors of Neptune!

In the last three weeks we have already grown to 4 total team members, and 34 community members!

This includes

Have a great week everyone, and we will update you next Tuesday! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our DiscordTelegram, and Twitter to keep up with the team and our community.

— Triton Team

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