What is Project Triton?

Project Triton [XTRI] is developing innovative donation platforms for the Online Streaming and ESports industries through blockchain technology.

What is Project Tritons mission?

We are aiming to become the standard way to donate to streamers, youtubers, and Esports gamers

When was Project Triton started?

February 28, 2018

What is Tritons cryptocurrency?

Project Tritons currency is Triton [XTRI]

What industry is Project Triton involved in?

Project Triton is focused on the online streaming and esports industries.

Does Triton have any partners?

Yes, we are partnered with CGN. CGN is an online streamer social media platform. For more info, please visit CGN.US

What projects does Triton have planned?

We currently have two planned platforms: Neptune and Proteus. Project Triton also owns an esports organization called “Neso Esports”. They plan on creating multiple esports teams and also having content creators on the team.

What is Neptune?

Project Neptune is a streamer donation application that allows viewers to easily donate Triton [XTRI]. Neptune protects the streamer from chargebacks, decreases donation fee’s by 15% and 15 cents, and is extremely simple to use for streamers and viewers. All features are completely free and integrate into Streamlabs. Neptune also has an extension

What is the Neptune Mining Extension?

Neptune Mining is a free online streamer donation application that allows you to easily increase your income. Viewers of your stream can easily CPU mine Triton [XTRI] to you just with the click of a button. This will not cause any noticeable effects on the performance or wear-and-tear of your machine.

What is Proteus?

Project Proteus is an eSports event hosting platform that allows viewers to mine for you or your team while competing in an eSports tournament. Your fans can also increase the prize pool to increase the tournament rewards.

What is Neso?

Neso is an organization formed by the creators of Project Triton. You can join their community here: https://discord.gg/22yCNuB

How do I sign up for Neptune?

You can signup on https://neptune.xtri.network

How can I see the value of my coins in USD in Neptune?

When you log into Neptune, you can see your XTRI and its USD value in the Dashboard

How do I use Neptune?

There is a article on it here: https://xtri.network/welcome-to-neptune/

Can Neptune integrate into streamlabs?

Yes, you can in the settings of Neptune while logged in.

Where can I see the current mining pools of Triton?

You can find them here: https://miningpoolstats.stream/triton

How do I get Neptune referrals?

When registering for Neptune, enter the username of the person who referred you in “Referral Code”

What is the referral structure for Neptune?

Does Project Triton have a blog?

Yes, you can find it here: https://xtri.network/tritonblog/

Where can I find the roadmap?


Where can I find Triton community servers?

Go to https://xtri.network/#about

Where can i find the Triton YouTube page?

Where can I find the WhitePaper?


Where can i find the explorer for triton?

You can find it at http://explorer.xtri.network/

Who is working on Project Triton?

There are three members on the team:
– Harrison: Developer
– Thomas: Business Development
– Tyler: Advisor

What are Project Tritons social media links?


What exchanges can you buy Triton on?

– Tradeogre https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-TRIT
– Bitliber https://bitliber.com/markets/xtri-btc

What are Tritons technical specs?

Block Time: 180
Difficulty Algorithm: Difficulty-Alloy
Max Supply: 84,000,000
Algorithm: CN-Lite-V7
RPC Port: 9731
P2p Port: 9730

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