Project Triton Rebase Release

The Triton Team is pleased to announce that we are launching our rebased code, our trading ticker will move from $trit to $xtri, and our logo will change as well.

Download CLI

Download GUI

So what is all coming in this update?

  • Monero Rebase: Chain forks at height 100,000
  • Web Wallet Release at height 100,000(or sooner)
  • GUI Wallet Release
  • Project Neptune BETA release at height 100,000
  • Neptune Miner Release at height 100,000
  • Rebrand effective immediately

The rebase will be the most significant change Triton has had so far. It is a huge step forward for the project, and we are very excited. Here is some critical information to get you started on the new Triton rebase.


  • If you do not have the daemon up, please start up tritond.exe and wait for full sync. If it doesn’t start syncing, restart daemon and it should.
  • The CLI Wallet is named triton-wallet-cli.exe in the folder that you downloaded on our GitHub. You will need to open up cmd ( a quick way to open it in that folder is SHIFT+ RIGHT CLICK in the folder which will give you an option to open command line here). If that method does not work, go to the bottom left of windows and type cmd in the search bar. Press enter, and it should boot up the command line.
  • Next, grab the path of the folder in the file explorer then type cd (path of folder here).
  • After you are in the folder type: ./triton-wallet-cli (two -)generate-from-keys wallet_name.wallet
  • You will then be asked for your Triton address. Enter yours and hit enter.
  • Now it will ask for your keys. To get the two keys, go into your GUI wallet and hit export private key. You will be given a 256 character key and you will need to split it up into four 64 character length keys.
  • For an example:

Triton exported GUI key: 86F5C21423DC8549CDADA9940536D0C81FA5C4FDDA4620F354A79E52D03259A58B8AAB766F23399B57235A1A3EAF551B337FCCE496289014F9951A4F376C3B57E938D9A210F8A3C69EEE933F75068A356F7B58AEB93C6EDE585F502A7E967A052CFB8C28FDDE2983574472EA461F611CAF78F8E06D58CD13379BAA2D2BBC7E0E

Public Spend Key: 86F5C21423DC8549CDADA9940536D0C81FA5C4FDDA4620F354A79E52D03259A5

Public View Key: 8B8AAB766F23399B57235A1A3EAF551B337FCCE496289014F9951A4F376C3B57

Triton Secret Spend Key: E938D9A210F8A3C69EEE933F75068A356F7B58AEB93C6EDE585F502A7E967A05

Triton Secret View Key: 2CFB8C28FDDE2983574472EA461F611CAF78F8E06D58CD13379BAA2D2BBC7E0E

Note. These keys will be used in the rebase.

  • You will need to enter the secret spend key first. Then you will need to enter the Secret View key. You will then be prompted with a password to encrypt the wallet file.
  • Lastly, you will be prompted to restore from a specific block height enter 0. It will then scan the entire chain for your transactions.

GUI Wallet

To use the GUI wallet download the latest version posted on our website.

What is Project Triton?

Project Triton is a cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the eSports and online streaming industries with blockchain technology through their Neptune and Proteus platforms.

Neptune and Neptune Mining

Neptune is a proprietary streamer donation application that enables viewers to donate to streamers with Triton. Neptune also allows streamers to get notified when they get a donation.

Neptune Mining is a way for every viewer to support their favorite streamers. While a viewer is watching a streamer, their computer will join a mining pool while watching the stream. The block reward from this pool will go towards the streamer they are viewing. Neptune mining will cause no interruptions while watching the stream, and will also have no noticeable effects on the performance of the viewer’s computer.

Project Proteus

Proteus is a platform that will allow organizers to host gaming events and offer Triton in the prize pool. The viewers of the events will be able to raise the prize pool by adding to it, as well as mining it.

Any Questions?

Join our community discord channel and feel free to ask our Team or Active Community Members any questions you may have about Triton. Our discord is also a great place to discuss anything related to Triton or Cryptocurrency.


Discord: Triton Community


Twitter: Triton Project

Telegram: Triton Project

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