Project Triton [XTRI] Giveaway with Neptune Beta Launch — Triton Tuesday 11/21/2018

Project Triton Stream Giveaway with Neptune Beta Launch — Triton Tuesday 11/21/2018


Welcome to this week’s Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and streaming communities. Here’s what happened this week:

    • Neptune Beta Launch


    • Stream


    • Swap Update


  • New Website Update

Neptune Beta

Project Triton is getting ready to release its first product, Neptune Beta, on November 25. So far we have found 11 beta testers who are prepared to give us constructive feedback on its launch. We are expecting bugs in the first version of Neptune, but that is why we have chosen to have a beta test for Neptune.

The Neptune Beta will consist of four phases:
– Phase 1: 10–20 Beta Testers.
– Phase 2: 21–40 Beta Testers
– Phase 3: 41–75 Beta Testers
– Phase 4: 76+ Beta Testers

The goal of each phase is to improve usability and to test that all features of Neptune are fully functional.



With the release of Neptune Beta, we will have a stream to test out Neptune to help our beta testers to see all of its features. We will also be having a giveaway at the end of the stream with all the XTRI that has been donated with Neptune during the stream.

Project Triton Stream Overview:
– Introduction:
Introduce the Team

– About Project Triton:
Project Triton History, the present, and future goals
Meet Lead Developer, Harrison
Some previous ideas Harrison had for Triton
How he came up with Triton
Meet Thomas, Business Development and Marketing
Roadmap discussion

– Neptune Information:
Description of Neptune
Neptune showcase
Go over features
Announce Beta Testers
Go over common objections to Neptune

  • Upcoming features:
    Instant buy feature
    Referral Program
    Scaling (Growing our company and lowering fees as we grow)

– Q/A with Harrison and Thomas (All Stream)

Swap Update

With our previous chain splitting problem, we have decided to do a complete swap from TRIT to XTRI. Triton investors had to either submit a form or message Krakn on discord to get their coins swapped. Krakn has been working extremely hard on the manual swap and has swapped 10.5 Million XTRI out of 10.7 Million.

Swap Report

New Website Update

We have decided to take the time to rework our entire website to help grow our brand and presence. With this new website, there will be much more information on Project Triton, Neptune, and the all-new Triton Blog. The website will be released with the Neptune Beta release on the 25th of November.

CGN Official Streaming Club

Have a great week everyone, and we will update you next Tuesday! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our DiscordTelegram, and Twitter to keep up with the team and our community.


— Triton Team

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