Project Triton Swap $TRIT to $XTRI

Due to the massive bugs happening in this recent update we have decided to do a “fresh start” with a swap. What does this mean?

We will be starting from block 0 which will pre-mine the current supply at block 106554. Here is what you will need to do for the swap.

Users will need to contact either Krakn(Twitter: @Triton_Harrison, Discord: KrakN#6018) or Thomas(Twitter: @Thomas_D_Parker, Discord: ThomasDParker#6577) and direct message them your new Triton Address after creating a new wallet on version 2.0.0 (Triton ‘Helium’).

Send your secret viewkey. This will allow us to verify the amount of Triton you have in your address. We will be recording all transaction hashes and users in an excel sheet.

Users will have 3 weeks to contact either Harrison or Thomas to get their Triton. Any leftover Triton not claimed after 3 weeks will be given away to the community.

We will be at version 3 as there are currently issues with RCT transactions. Krakn will be working on the fix for RCT functions which we will have a version upgrade. After RCT transactions work, we will roll out bulletproofs.

Atention: We have decided to create a form to automate the process of the swap. Anyone who has not already messaged me or @[Founder] Krakn, please fill out this form to help us save time and speed up the process of the swap. Thanks! — Thomas


To get your keys, boot up the 1.0.4 triton-wallet-cli.

Enter password

type viewkey and enter password. Copy the Secret key

type spendkey and enter password. Copy the Secret key

Send the key and that Triton address to either Krakn(Harrison) or Thomas. After that remove the old Triton folder at C:/ProgramData.

We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause! However, the team has decided that this will be the easiest solution. TradeOgre is on board with the swap and will be the first ones to get swapped! This will be a one-time thing and will not happen again. There will be no exceptions after the 3 weeks. This is to ensure fairness.

Please download Triton 2.0.0 (‘Helium’) Below:

Wallet-GUI (release-not-availabe)


Updates to the roadmap and future development of Project Triton

We are excited for this release as this will allow us to move forward instead of “hanging back” like the past months. The biggest thing that will be released in 2018 will be Neptune Beta. With this release, krakn can get Neptune BETA ready for testing, and Thomas will ensure that this product finds its way to the people who will love everything Neptune brings to the table.

Here are some changes we have made to the roadmap.

For Q4 we are now only looking to get Neptune out as that is our main priority. With the release of Neptune, we expect that at least 1% of CGN users will begin using Neptune. We will still have an ongoing closed beta for Neptune that consist of four stages, each being one month each.

We have also decided to focus on Neptune solely until Q2 2019. Our reasoning behind this is to ensure that Neptune is fully functional, is top tier quality, and has ongoing updates that improves upon the technology behind Neptune. Neptune has planned updates that will bring more features to the table and improve upon usability.

Krakn has also started researching a way to implement sidechains, this will be called the Gravity Protocol, which would be implemented into Triton. More information on this technology will be released in the coming months, and a full paper will be published as well. Research on the Gravity Protocol is second to Neptune/Proteus development and will be used to improve upon Triton.

Our first update after the release of Neptune Beta will be to implement an easy buy and withdraw option to help make Neptune more user-friendly. We understand that not all streamers will be familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, so we are creating a solution to this problem that may restrict streamers from Neptune.

The last decision we have made is to push Project Proteus out to Q3 of 2019. We have decided to do this so we could give Neptune the time it needs to become a great platform that every streamer loves.

Have a great week everyone, and we will update you next Tuesday! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter to keep up with the team and our community.

— Triton Team

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