Service Nodes and Technical Paper v2.0 – Triton Tuesday 6/18/19

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to this week’s Triton Tuesday everyone! This one is a quick one but nonetheless, it is important! Let’s get started.

Here’s what happened last week:

  • Triton Tuesday 6/11/19
  • Service Nodes Release
  • Service Node Tutorial
  • Technical Paper v2.0 Coming Soon

Triton Tuesday 6/11/19

Last week we brought back Triton Tuesday. This is a weekly article containing development updates and team updates, so make sure you check back every Tuesday!

  • Website Changes
  • Gen 1 Service Nodes Release
  • Sneak Peak of Delphi
  • Sneak Peak of Ribbon
  • Triton iOS Wallet Beta
  • Triton Merch Sneak Peak

If you haven’t been updated, go check out that article here.

Service Nodes Release

Triton Service Nodes are extremely important for the Vault Protocol and are what allow the Sao Dollar to become decentralized. Service Node holders split 50% of the Triton block reward; the remaining 50% is paid to miners. Gen 1 service nodes monitor transactions on the Triton blockchain and help us gather data for the price-monitoring ‘Gen 2’ Oracle Nodes. These Gen 2 Oracle Nodes will monitor exchange data and serve as the decentralized price oracle for Vault Protocol and the eventual SAO stablecoin.

On June 13th at about 11 PM PST, the hardfork for service nodes took place. At the beginning, it was quite rough and there were a few issues we had to fix. As of now, most of the major bugs have been patched, but there is a bug that is causing an occasional block time to be slow due to mining pools unsigned_tx loading with tx v2.

Service Node Tutorial

With the release of Service Nodes, we also created a quick and easy tutorial for you all. The network is now looking stable, and if you’re interested in starting a service node this will help you get started.

Click here for the tutorial.

Technical Paper v2.0 is Coming Soon

Our next big release is the Technical Paper v2.0 which is expected to release at the end of June to early July. This paper will give you an in-depth look at the Vault Protocol.

This paper covers:

  • Oracle Nodes
  • Ribbon
  • Delphi
  • Emission
  • Mint and Burn
  • Risk and Mitigations

After reading this version of the paper, you will have an in-depth understanding of how we plan to implement the Vault Protocol and create a decentralized and private stablecoin.

Have a great week everyone, and we will update you next Tuesday! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Discord and Twitter to keep up with the team and our community.
– Thomas D. Parker
Bizdev for Triton

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