The Direction of Triton Project

As many of you guys know we’ve been quiet during these last few bear-market months here at Triton; this calm has given us the time we’ve needed to focus on the challenges of a code rebase and to build a stronger core-team. Here’s what’s been going on:

Our founding dev, Krakn, has finished summer comp-sci courses and is now working on the project full-time. He’s actively recruiting a larger dev-team to help with the blockchain rebase needed prior to Project Neptune release this Q3 2018. Additionally, new advisors are onboard to help with logo and marketing rebrand.

Behind the scenes Krakn has built partnerships that will benefit the Triton ecosystem with additional app and payment ecosystems for existing game platforms. The identity of these platforms will be disclosed at a later date as disclosure agreements allow. Krakn and the dev team would like to thank everyone that has stuck with the project thus far — and want all of you to know that we’re building toward live platforms, and a stronger project, prior to 2019. We’re excited to have made it this far in the journey — and please feel free to reach out via Twitter or Discord if you have talents to contribute. Best,

-Krakn (Triton Harrison)




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