Triton Tuesday — 10/16/18 | NWConference

Triton Tuesday — 10/16/18 | NWConferen

Welcome to the twenty-first Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. Here’s what happened this week:

    • NWConference
    • Bug Fixes
    • Neptune Update
    • RoadMap Update
  • XTRI Market


The Triton Team took a trip to Seattle, Washington! After spending over four hours in the car, we arrived at the 2018 NWConference. We got to listen to some big names in the blockchain sector like Justin Wu (Crypto Influencer), Qi Zhou (QuarkChain), and Justin Ehrenhofer (Monero). Most of the topics we revolved around privacy and mass adoption.

Bug Fixes

With the release of the re-base there has been a lot of bugs in the Triton chain. The first major bug was an issue with wallet balances. The balances were not showing up correctly. The second bug was a wallet fee bug which defaulted version 7 to a fee of 0. The daemon would then reject the transaction because of how small the fee was. The current ongoing issue throughout all of these were quite a bit of chain splits. It is expected this is due to nodes not updated to the latest version 1.0.4. Chain splits are not as frequent and the network is more stable. However, Krakn is currently looking into any possible reasons chain splits could happen in the future that we can fix. We are sorry about this inconvenience.

With this re-base release the GUI wallet has had many issues and is currently not stable. Krakn will work on a releasing the new GUI update but for now we will be using the CLI wallet. Krakn will be making a tutorial on how to use the CLI wallet tomorrow! Find Windows and new Mac binaries here.

Neptune Update

As you know Neptune will be our first use case/platform that we will be launching. It was suppose to be launched on block 100k however with the issues with transactions and the chain, we have delayed it. Some good news is that Krakn has been working on making some of the back-end more efficient and secure. He has also been working on a public api so anyone can get some data on Neptune. Some of the data you can call:

    • Total Streamers
    • Total Donations
    • Total Donation Amount
    • Total Neptune Mining Hash Power
    • Average Streamer Neptune Mining Reward
  • and more coming soon 😄

There will be documentation on how to use all of the api calls.

RoadMap Update

We have change some of our roadmap here are the changes:

Triton Roadmap late-2018-early-2019


Q4 2018

Rebase 10/6/18 — done

NWConference 10/16/18 — done

====Neptune Roadmap====

Neptune Closed Beta 10/31/18–11/30/2019 (dates may change)

Neptune Close Beta Phase 1 — ~10 (1 week)

Neptune Close Beta Phase 2 — ~20 (1 week)

Neptune Mining release

Neptune Close Beta Phase 3 — ~40 (1 week)

Neptune Close Beta Phase 4 — ~80 (1 week)

Neptune Open Beta 12/1/2018 (dates may change)


At least 2 Remote Nodes

1% usage with CGN Partnership 12/30/18

Whitepaper 1.1

1 New Team Member


Q1 2019 extension

Proteus Alpha 2/01/19

XTRI in Orcish Visionary Game Studios

Triton HQ

1 New Team Member


Q2 2019


At least 10 Remote Nodes

10% usage with CGN Partnership 12/30/18

1 New Team Member


Here are some of the big changes. We have reconfigured the launch of Neptune. Instead of launching head on first, we have decided to have a closed beta which will have 4 phases. This will allow us to have a small control group of streamers so that they can tell us on what we can improve on. Things that changed in Q1 2019 is that we moved Proteus to Q1. We have also made it a goal to add 1 new team member per quarter. Secondly, we would like to get our own small office space/centralized location in Q1 to further our professionalism. Things planned in Q2 2019 is USD-XTRI exchange however we are still looking into the legality of such a major project. We might have to partner with an existing exchange. We have made it a goal to have 10 official remote nodes across the world. We strive for 10% of CGN users using Neptune.

XTRI Market

The price of XTRI has substantially increased in the last week. Last Tuesday we were at a low of 114 and are now at 179! We have been getting some steady growth, but may potentially have a small correction after maintenance mode comes off of TradeOgre and we have all of our transaction bugs fixed.

Have a great week everyone, and we will update you next Tuesday! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Discord Telegram and Twitterto keep up with the team and our community.

— Triton Team

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