Triton Tuesday — 5/29/2018

Welcome to the eleventh Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. This week was one of our best! We were listed multiple times throughout the week as themost profitable Cryptonote coin to mine, according to Coin Calculators, and that’s just one small highlight. Here’s what else happened:

  • Exchange Listings
  • GUI Wallet
  • Dev Pool
  • Network Health
  • Streamers
  • Graphics
  • Statistics

Exchange Listings

On Sunday, May 27th, we were officially listed and open to trading on TradeOgre! This has been a long requested exchange listing from our community, and we are very happy to finally come through on this request.

We also had some all-time-highs on Altex.Exchange this past week. We reached 1 BTC in daily volume for the first time ever, and saw our average coin price increase dramatically since this time last week. All great things for our community!

Lastly, we are in the process of being listed on another exchange, and will officially announce the moment the listing goes live.

GUI Wallet

This week we released an update to our GUI wallet, version 2.9.2. This version increases the block size and transaction size limit, which addresses a common issue community members were having to this point. Krakn is also tracking on the following issues, and working hard to get them fixed as soon as possible:

  • “Transaction size too big” bug in the newer wallets
  • Mixin too big or too small
  • Transactions missing even though blockchain is synced

There is a fix for the “transactions missing” bug, however it is finicky and takes a lot of time. The process is to delete the following files:

  • %appdata%/Triton/DB
  • %appdata%/Triton/blockindexes.bin
  • %appdata%/Triton/blocks.bin

After these files are deleted, restart the wallet. It should start resyncing from the beginning of the blockchain. If you see any transactions in the wallet upon startup, reset it again from the File tab until they go away.

If you notice any other issues, please contact the development team. We can be reached fastest in our Discord server.

Dev Pool

We upgraded our Dev pool server, which our explorer also shares. We felt this was necessary to address some of the issues we were having, and it was inevitable with how fast Triton is growing.

That being said, Krakn will be training the other Triton team members on how to fix some of the more common pool and explorer issues, in case they do come up again. Even though Krakn doesn’t seem to ever sleep, he actually does on occasion and we want to be prepared to handle issues quickly if he happens to be catching some precious Zzz’s.

Network Health

One of the mining pools on our network is providing well more than half the total hash rate on the network. This can lead to many different kinds of issues, so we are requesting miners to spread out to others pools. We have many other pools to choose from. The ideal outcome would have miners spread out so much that no single pool controls more than 30% of the network hashrate. Please consider supporting a smaller pool when you mine!


We continued to reach out to eSports streamers for partnerships and sponsorships. This process is going to take time, but will spread like a wildfire when it catches on. Are you a streamer, or do you know a streamer that might be interesting in using our service? We would love to talk to you about it.


The Triton Team is looking for a graphic artist to assist the team. We are looking for someone that can create logos, banners, website and desktop backgrounds, and other promotional/marketing graphics to be used online and in print. Is this something you can do, or do you know someone that might be interested in helping us in this area? Please let us know!


As of 5/29/2018, the Triton blockchain had 150 miners, up nearly 100 miners week-over-week. We added one new mining pool, now with a total of 7 pools, and reached a block height of 39,000. Users completed 79,000 transactions, while miners were rewarded with a total of 2.93M coins for their efforts, which brings the emission to 7.1% of the maximum supply.

TRIT last traded at 303 satoshis on 0.4 BTC/24hr volume on Altex.Exchangeand 312 satoshis on 0.16 BTC/24hr volume on TradeOgre.

Project Neptune is currently in Alpha and has 21 registered users.

Our Discord server exploded to 577 members, adding an incredible 66 members this week.

Our Telegram has reached 71 members.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The Triton Team is so thankful for how passionate our growing community is for this project. That was probably our best week yet, and they just keep getting better. What’s going to happen this week?!

-Triton Team

Triton Project is a cryptocurrency focused on revolutionizing the eSports and online content streaming industries. You can contact the team fastest in Discord, and/or follow and message us on Twitter.

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