Triton Tuesday #18 – Our First Convention!

Welcome to the eighteenth Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. Here’s what happened:

  • Code Rebase to Monero
  • Web Wallet
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • White Paper Languages
  • Statistics

Code Rebase to Monero

With all of the major components for the rebase built, Krakn is now still working on finding and squashing any potential bugs. The block height for the switch over to our new Monero codebase is still uncertain, though we should have a number to announce soon. Everyone must have the new wallet downloaded and installed by the block height that we announce. Mining and wallet transactions will not work for you without the new wallet after that block height. After we implement the rebase and everything is going smooth, we will start working on our own proprietary hashing algorithm as well.

Web Wallet

Despite some unfortunate setbacks with his PC, DaJuukes is still pushing forward with the web wallet. The back end is nearly complete, and coordination on the design of the front end is now ongoing.


Krakn attended Discover Blockchain Portland Convention on July 15th and represented the project at a crypto convention for the first time! Here was his experience in his own words:

I was walking towards the convention when I was spotted by Brent (@cup0noodles), who was also attending the convention. He recognized my limited edition Triton Hoodie and asked if I supported the project. I then told him I was lead developer. He treated me to some cold brew coffee where we talked about the project, other projects and consensus mechanisms. It was a great experience, meeting a community member at my first convention. We headed back to the convention where we sat and watched the first half of the speakers. One speaker talked about how he thinks that there will be millions of chains in the future, both private and public. Others talked about trading, the psychology of crypto, and mining. Cup0noodles and I then headed to lunch to talk more about the project. Afterwards, we headed back to the convention for the main speaker and my biggest interest of the day, Dr. Aaron Freickart, a.k.a. Sarang Noether of Monero Research Lab. He talked about how privacy will be important in digital assets. We then heard some great use cases and headed to a networking event across the street at Deschutes Brewery. The place was packed, but we still spent almost 2 hours talking with Dr. Freickart about projects, Monero’s research, new upcoming consensus mechanisms, hashgraphs, and the general direction of this crazy crypto world. He was very insightful and loved the idea of Triton.

Sounds like it was a pretty great day!

For our next event, Jastar13 will be attending the Star City Games event in Philadelphia this weekend. He will be talking Triton, Magic: The Gathering, and streaming all day. There may even be a giveaway! If you are from the area and would like to meet up and chat, let us know through one of our social media channels.

Looking ahead, Brad is targeting eSports and crypto events in August and September in the Tampa and Orlando, FL areas.


The marketing team is working on kits for various uses, including new marketing material and merchandise. We are making wristbands, team shirts, a newsletter-style “one-pager,” and having some fun making graphics with Adobe Spark. As always, we are pursuing partnerships with other businesses and streamers as well.

White Paper Languages

We still have a standing 500 TRIT bounty for any language translation of our white paper that is not already accounted for. Here are the current translations already taken: Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Turkish. We are open to any languages not already reserved. Contact a Triton Team member if you would like to contribute!


As of 7/17/2018, the Triton blockchain had 101 miners on 10 active pools, and reached a block height of 58,700. Users have completed a total of 144,850 transactions, while miners have been rewarded with a total of 4.37M coins for their efforts, which brings the emission to 7.37% of the maximum supply.

TRIT trades on three exchanges and was last valued around 141 satoshis.

Our Discord community is now up to 758 members, Telegram has 160 members, and our Twitter is up to 380 followers!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The Triton Team is so thankful for how passionate our growing community is for this project. Our weeks just keep getting better. What’s going to happen next week?!

-Triton Team

Triton Project is a digital asset focused on revolutionizing the eSports and online content streaming industries. You can contact the team fastest in Discord, and/or follow and message us on Twitter.

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