Triton Tuesday – 6/25/19

Welcome Back! Welcome back to this week’s Triton Tuesday everyone! We have a lot to cover, so let’s get to it. Here’s what happened last week: Q3 Roadmap Triton Wiki iOS Mobile Wallet Updated Links Upcoming Conference Brand Refresh Technical Paper v2.0 Q3 Roadmap Triton Wiki Over the last week we have been working on […]

Triton CLI Wallet Tutorial

Go to Triton Releases in our Github and search for the most up-to-date release. Currently, that is Beryllium v4.0.5. Next, you will want to download the asset that matches your operating system. For us that is Now that you have the wallet downloaded, go ahead and throw both files in the .zip into a folder.  2.1 | Running […]

How to Setup a Triton Service Node

Hey everyone, this is a quick tutorial on how to setup a Triton Service Node. We will try to make this as simple and easy to understand as possible. If you have any additional questions after this article, let us know so we can improve upon it, thanks! Tutorial adapted from Service Node Requirements […] Listing and Information Updates

QTrade Accepts Triton We have been accepted to be listed on QTrade is a US based exchange that is registered in Kansas. They are focused on security, fast deposits, cheap withdrawals, and a commitment to only list the most interesting developer-driven projects. We are honored to accept this listing alongside other great coins like Amoveo, […]

New Journey: The SAO Stablecoin

General Overview The team is excited to announce that we have been working on a stablecoin mint and burn protocol called the Sao Dollar (SAO), which is minted from our established volatile coin Triton (XTRI). In preparation for this, the team will be releasing a bulletproof testnet in a few weeks. As a sign of […]

What will be in Project Neptune BETA 5/29/18

What is Project Neptune? Project Neptune is a platform that will allow streamers to allow incoming donations with Triton. However, Project Neptune is much much more than that. Viewers love to help and support their favorite streamers. So why not allow viewers to watch…earn…donate. Project Neptune will launch a standalone client and a chrome extension that will […]

Triton Tuesday — 5/29/2018

Welcome to the eleventh Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. This week was one of our best! We were listed multiple times throughout the week as themost profitable Cryptonote coin to mine, according to Coin Calculators, and that’s just one small highlight. Here’s what else happened: Exchange Listings […]