What will be in Project Neptune BETA 5/29/18

What is Project Neptune? Project Neptune is a platform that will allow streamers to allow incoming donations with Triton. However, Project Neptune is much much more than that. Viewers love to help and support their favorite streamers. So why not allow viewers to watch…earn…donate. Project Neptune will launch a standalone client and a chrome extension that will […]

Triton Tuesday — 5/29/2018

Welcome to the eleventh Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. This week was one of our best! We were listed multiple times throughout the week as themost profitable Cryptonote coin to mine, according to Coin Calculators, and that’s just one small highlight. Here’s what else happened: Exchange Listings […]

Triton Tuesday — 5/22/2018

Welcome to the tenth TT blog post, where we are wrapping up another successful week of development for the Triton Project. You may have noticed we are posting on a different site, here at Medium. We are using this for our weekly updates while we update our website and decide where we want to continue […]

Project Triton Rebase Release

The Triton Team is pleased to announce that we are launching our rebased code, our trading ticker will move from $trit to $xtri, and our logo will change as well. Download CLI Download GUI So what is all coming in this update? Monero Rebase: Chain forks at height 100,000 Web Wallet Release at height 100,000(or sooner) GUI […]

Project Triton Swap $TRIT to $XTRI

Due to the massive bugs happening in this recent update we have decided to do a “fresh start” with a swap. What does this mean? We will be starting from block 0 which will pre-mine the current supply at block 106554. Here is what you will need to do for the swap. Users will need […]