Why this Cyptocurrency Project has been Extremely Overlooked: Project Triton

Few things make a crypto project stand out:

  • A working product
  • U.S. based project
  • An active and transparent team with a vibrant community

Project Triton is a cryptocurrency that is changing the eSports and online streaming industries with blockchain technology. We are creating technology that is going to change the way streamers and competitive gamers earn a living.

Project Neptune is a free streamer donation application that is designed to help your stream save money, make money, and grow your brand.

Neptune is tackling the income problem that haunts streamers, new and old alike. We have created a way to help you better support yourself while streaming. Not only will your donation fees be cut significantly, but you will also have an additional income source just by using our one-of-a-kind application, Neptune Mining.

Neptune saves streamers 15% and 15 cents in transaction fees.

So what sets Neptune apart from PayPal? Neptune Mining


Neptune Mining allows you to:

  • Collect extra money during your stream just by having viewers
  • Have complete privacy over your funds
  • It doesn’t cost you or your streamers anything
  • Super simple to set up and use

Neptune Mining may not yield a streamer a ton of cash flow at current prices, but over time as our crypto appreciates, streamers will earn more and more from Neptune Mining. Another major factor in Neptune Mining will be the number of viewers they have watching during a stream. More streamers = a higher hashrate = a larger block reward.

Final Notes

  • We are always looking for ways to grow our¬†brand. We have a second product that will be released in Q3 of 2019. This product will be known as Project Proteus, an ESports Tournament Platform
  • We are looking to grow our Triton Team. We know to accomplish our big goals that we need a big team. We will be expanding our team in Q1 of 2019.
  • We have Beta Testers for Neptune. Neptune and Neptune Mining is currently being tested, and we have 12 streamers testing it out to make sure it is top notch for its full release in Q1 2019
  • We have a partnership with a streaming company. CGN.US is a streaming social network with over 13,000 users.


To learn more about Project Triton, visit our website! You can also contact us on twitter and Discord for a quick response.

Thomas | Business Development and Marketing
Harrison | Developer

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